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  • By: Moss Bollinger
  • Published: January 30, 2018
Preparing To Meet With Your Attorney

Have you scheduled an initial consultation with an attorney? You are probably feeling some combination of nervous, anxious, and excited. You called an attorney for a reason and believe he or she can help resolve your legal issue. However, you don’t really know what to expect as television and movies have created some pre-conceived idea of what attorneys are like. Let me give you your first free piece of advice: you can relax.

While there are definitely some colorful attorneys (i.e., attorneys with commercials where they walk away from explosions in slow motion), we’re mostly just normal people who work hard and want to do our jobs well. And remember, your attorney is here to work for you and wants to help you stand up for your rights. That is why it benefits both you and your attorney when you do some preparation before your meeting. Speaking as a consumer protection attorney, here are some things you can do that I guarantee your attorney will appreciate.

  • Bring valid identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, and a copy of a birth certificate to verify your identity and date of birth. Legal pleadings require specific identifying information.
  • If you are being sued, bring all legal pleadings or notices that you have received. This will give your attorney a starting point to know what type of action you are facing. It will also give them relevant case numbers to go to the district clerk’s office to view the Court’s file.
  • If you have been financially harmed by a business and are trying to determine if you have a cause of action, do your best to create a timeline of important dates relating to advertisements, contact, and transactions with the business.
  • Find or obtain any relevant records relating to your legal issue. For example, if you are meeting regarding a claim against DeVry, you should bring copies of receipts, copies of your transcripts, and any student loan related documents.
  • Search your emails, social media accounts, voice messages, and texts. Locate any emails, social media messages, or texts between yourself and any representative of the business that harmed you. This is important.
  • Start a running list of any questions you have for your lawyer. There are no dumb questions. Remember, your attorney works for you. Don’t assume that your lawyer knows everything on your mind. Your questions can ensure that you and your attorney are on the same page and gives your attorney confidence that you are making fully informed decisions.


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