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Federal and state statutes have established clear regulations with regard to labor law. Yet employers often dismiss these regulations. They withhold rightful payment from employees, allow workplace abuses to take place, and retaliate when workers complain. Yet all of these actions, and others like them, are illegal.

The Oxnard employee rights attorneys at Moss Bollinger can assist. For years, we have represented workers in a wide range of employment law matters. Our aim is to ensure that you are provided the safe working environments to which you are entitled and given fair compensation for your work. From our office in Oxnard, we serve clients throughout California.

Legal Support For All Types Of Workplace Violations

Our accomplished legal team can help you fight against an array of workplace abuses including:

  • Overtime and wage disputes. This can include an employer’s failure to comply with standards concerning minimum wage, failure to compensate for overtime hours, inadequate record-keeping, and more.
  • Violations of rest periods, meal periods, and vacation. These are abuses that arise when employers disallow your break periods mandated by law.
  • Misclassification of employee status. This results in conflicts stemming from an employer wrongfully exempting you from overtime pay.
  • Sexual harassment. Requesting sexual favors in exchange for a workplace benefit is illegal as is suffering harassment from coworkers, supervisors, and more in a hostile work environment
  • Wrongful termination. This is the same as being fired for an unjust reason, such as reporting employer illegal conduct or exercising an employee right.
  • Discrimination. This includes violations of your civil rights regarding race, color, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, pregnancy, age, or disability.
  • Medical leave. Employee rights -  A visual representation of the fundamental rights and protections - Moss Bollinger LLPYou are allowed to take advantage of the Family Medical Leave Act for specific family and medical reasons without losing your job or health care coverage.
  • Equal pay. Under the Equal Pay Act, both men and women must receive equal pay for doing work of comparable value.
  • Final paycheck violations. California law mandates that you are entitled to your final paycheck on the same day you are fired or within 72 hours of the date that you quit.

Have you been subject to workplace injustices? Reach out to Moss Bollinger online or at our number (310) 982-2291 to arrange for a free case review.

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When you find yourself in a position where you have been wrongfully treated in the workplace, it can be hurtful and difficult to manage. You may be reluctant to do anything about it because of fear of losing your job and the vital income it brings in. However, any type of retaliation is illegal and you will be protected against this outcome should you decide to take legal action. At Moss Bollinger, we have made it our mission to service workers throughout California by taking on employers violating your employee rights. Work with a reliable team willing to lend an ear to your cause and rigorously fight to defend your rights in court.

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