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Get Your Questions Answered. Call For Your Free 30 Min Evaluation Today! (310) 982-2291

“Ari Moss is one of the top rated, knowledgeable, very professional and reputable lawyers who’s number one goal is to provide personalized, honest legal services for his clients. We would highly recommend friends to Ari Moss.”– Tamara G.

“I was in a horrific accident in which my car was hit and totaled. I needed a good lawyer because of the complications with the insurance company and false testimonies from the driver who hit me. By a miracle, I was given the number for Ari Moss/Moss Bollinger, LLP from an Uber driver while riding in his car. He recommended him based on his own experience with having Ari represent him. From the beginning, Ari demonstrated how he’s a good listener and great communicator. He also showed compassion which was so appreciated because I had just gone through a traumatic event and was experiencing much physical pain. He made himself available with my questions and concerns. And his response time was quick. He also recommended wonderful doctors who cared for my pain. His writing to the insurance companies was excellent and thorough. And though the case dragged on for months and was frustrating at times, I knew Ari was in my corner and would do his best to represent me. It took a year to finalize. And to my joy, Ari brought it to a satisfying settlement. I couldn’t have gone through with my accident case and get the results I did without Ari as my lawyer. If you need a good law firm, I highly recommend Ari Moss and Moss Bollinger, LLP. They are one of the Best.”– Noreen L.

“Jeremy Bollinger and Dennis Moss provided amazing support throughout the process of my case. They were insightful, timely, and had great follow up each step of the process. Even though my case didn’t end up going to litigation, they were completely supportive and available until my case was fully closed. I couldn’t have asked for a better partnership! Thank you both!”– Theresa T.

“Working with Ari was an absolute pleasure. He is professional, persistent allowing for complete transpareny. I would highly recommend Ari for any legal representation matters needed.”– A Satisfied Client

“Moss Bolinger throughout the procedure of my case listened to every little details without hesitation gave prompt follow ups and report back in an efficient manner. The professionalism and integrity is second to none thanks so much Moss.”– Mike F.

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