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Representing The Injured In Ventura County & Beyond

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A personal injury can throw your life into turmoil. These injuries, sustained by the negligence, carelessness, or recklessness of others, can land you in the hospital, put you out of work for long periods of time, create emotional trauma, and lead to financial ruin. No one should have to suffer these consequences when injured by another party. Fortunately, personal injury law has been established to provide you with legal recourse in which you can seek compensation for all of your losses and damages.

At Moss Bollinger, our experienced personal injury attorneys in Oxnard can help you in that endeavor. We can take on the legal burden of gathering evidence, handling the paperwork, building your case, and negotiating for a fair and just result. Where negotiations fail, we can take your case to court. Since its inception, our firm has had as its mission defending the rights of individuals wronged by others. In personal injury cases, we will fight for the justice you need and deserve in holding accountable those who are responsible for what you have suffered.

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California Personal Injury Cases

Personal injuries can occur in many ways. These can include but are not limited to:

These types of accidents and incidents can result in injuries ranging from mild cases of whiplash to catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injury or spinal cord damage. In all cases, personal injury claims are made on the basis that the at-fault party or parties owed you a certain duty of care which was violated that resulted in your injuries.

For example, motorists owe you a duty of care in driving in compliance with traffic laws. Where they fail to do so, their negligence can result in traffic crashes making them liable for the harm they have caused.

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How Long Do I Have To File A Personal Injury Claim?

According to California Code of Civil Procedure section 335.1, you have two years to file a claim for your personal injury case before the statute of limitations ends. If the statute of limitations does end before you file a claim, you will most likely lose your right to do so along with your opportunity to recover compensation.

There are some exceptions that can change this two-year time period so it’s important to speak to an attorney about your case as soon as you can. Our firm offers free, no-obligation consultations so you have nothing to lose by contacting Moss Bollinger.

Recoverable Damages In A Personal Injury Case

In any personal injury claim, you may be entitled to various damages, from economic that can be proven by invoices and bills to non-economic such as pain and suffering and emotional trauma. At Moss Bollinger we can calculate all such damages so that you can pursue a full recovery. In most cases, you will be dealing with an insurance company which is why you need our services.

These companies are known for the tactics they use in protecting themselves against liability by doing everything possible to pay you as little as possible. Moss Bollinger has stood up to large corporations routinely over our many years of practice. Our dedicated and aggressive approach has resulted in many wins for our clients.

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