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The following article will cover:

  • The occurrence of commercial vehicle trucking accidents in Los Angeles County.
  • The primary causes of trucking or 18-wheeler accidents in California.
  • The severe injuries resulting from accidents involving semi-trucks or other large commercial vehicles in California.
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Where Do Most Commercial Vehicles Trucking Accidents Occur In California?

Commercial vehicle accidents predominantly occur in Los Angeles County, on both highways and local roads. Approximately 3,000 truck accidents happen annually in California, resulting in about 200 to 300 fatalities. The majority of these accidents take place on highways such as I-5, I-10, 7-10, and 101.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Trucking Or 18-Wheeler Related Accidents In California?

The primary causes of truck-related accidents are distracted driving, reckless conduct, improper lane switching or turning, driving under the influence, and speeding to meet deadlines. It is worth noting that truckers are among those who experience the highest rates of sleep deprivation in the United States.

What Are Some Of The Severe Injuries You See Resulting In Accidents Involving Semi-Trucks Or Other Large Commercial Vehicles Across California?

Accidents involving semi-trucks or other large commercial vehicles can lead to extremely severe injuries. These range from fatalities, dismemberment, paralysis, and broken bones to traumatic brain injuries. In addition to the physical trauma, these accidents can result in profound changes in a person's life, including impacts on relationships and family dynamics.

Which Factors Play A Role In Determining The Amount And Type Of Compensation I May Receive In My California Tracking Accident?

Several factors determine the amount and type of compensation in a trucking accident case. These include the scope of your physical injury, vehicle damage, data from the truck's black box, quality of legal representation, and whether the insurance company knows you're ready to go to trial.

Other factors include the trucker's adherence to the law and safety protocols, conditions of the truck, road conditions, and potential involvement of other parties. This is why it's critical to have a lawyer who knows how to advocate for you effectively and present a strong case.

What Should I Be Looking For When Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney For My California Trucking Accident Personal Injury Case?

When seeking a personal injury attorney for a trucking accident case, you should look for someone who is aggressive, unwavering in their commitment to you, and willing to go to trial. The attorney should be capable of effectively gathering and presenting evidence.

It's also crucial to find someone you trust and feel comfortable with, as they need to understand your situation intimately to represent you effectively. They should empathize with the life changes you're facing due to the recklessness and greed of the trucking corporations and their drivers. For more information on Filing A Trucking Accident Injury Claim In CA, an initial consultation is your next best step.

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