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  • By: Moss Bollinger
  • Published: February 1, 2023
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New traffic safety-related laws went into effect for Californians on January 1, 2022. How did these new laws affect drivers and pedestrians in California?

2022 Brough Several New Traffic Safety Laws:

Assembly Bill 3: Illegal sideshows, definition, and penalties

Assembly Bill 974: Equestrian safety gear

Assembly Bill 798: Tribal emergency vehicles

Assembly Bill 47: License points for distracted driving

Assembly Bill 43: Authorizing local authorities to reduce speed limits

How Does AB3 Affect California Drivers & Pedestrians?

AB3 defined “sideshow” as an incident with two or more people that block or impede highway traffic to put on a “show” for spectators, like motor vehicle stunts, “races,” shows of speed, reckless driving, etc. The new law also increased the severity of penalties for violations, but the stricter penalties do not go into effect until July 1, 2025. Once the new, harsher punishments are effective, a driver convicted of an exhibition of speed during a sideshow in California may have their driver’s license suspended (for varying lengths ranging from 90 days to 6 months).

How Does AB 974 Affect California Drivers & Pedestrians?

Under AB 974, individuals under 18 must wear a helmet when riding a horse, mule, or donkey on any paved highway in California. Additionally, equestrians must wear reflective gear or a lamp when riding at night (after the sun goes down). Violators may be fined up to $25. Two exceptions are included for equestrian riders participating in a parade and those crossing a paved highway to an unpaved highway.

How Does AB 798 Affect California Drivers & Pedestrians?

California’s AB 798 removes restrictions on ambulances owned and operated by Native American tribes’ fire departments. Under the new law, they are considered authorized emergency vehicles when responding to an emergency instead of a privately operated vehicles.

How Does AB 47 Affect California Drivers & Pedestrians?

Before AB 47, it was already illegal for drivers to use a handheld cell phone while driving, but California drivers can now be punished with points on their driver’s license for a second offense. One point is added to the driver’s record when caught violating the hands-free law for the second time within a 36-month period. Violations include talking or texting on a smartphone while driving or any use of a smartphone device by drivers under 18.

How Does AB 43 Affect California Drivers & Pedestrians?

AB 43 establishes different default speed limits on highways but also authorizes state and local authorities to adjust the default speed limits for the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, or other vulnerable groups.

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