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The following article will cover:

  • The impact of partial fault on a personal injury claim in California and how it can potentially reduce the value of the claim.
  • The ability to file a personal injury claim and recover damages even if the car accident was caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver.
  • The importance of hiring an experienced California personal injury attorney despite the clear fault of the other driver.
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I Was Partially At Fault For The Car Accident That Caused My Injuries In California, Could That Impact My Personal Injury Claim?

Your partial responsibility for the car accident will not nullify your right to recover medical bills or damages. However, it could potentially lessen the value of your claim proportional to the degree of fault attributed to you.

For instance, if you were 10% at fault, it could diminish the value of your claim by 10%. Still, you would be entitled to claim compensation from the other party to the fullest extent permissible by law. While your compensation might be reduced, your entitlement to file a personal injury claim or recover from it remains unaffected.

I Was Injured In A Car Accident Caused By An Uninsured Or Underinsured Driver. Can I Still File A Personal Injury Claim And Win?

While most uninsured or underinsured drivers lack the resources to pay compensation, you can still recover damages if you have Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UM/UIM). Depending on the circumstances, you might be eligible for some compensation from the California Victims of Crime Fund. However, it is advisable to have UM/UIM coverage equal to your policy limits to protect your rights.

It's Clear The Other Driver Was At Fault For The Accident That Caused My Serious Injuries. Do I Still Need To Hire An Experienced California Personal Injury Attorney?

Despite the apparent fault of the other driver, insurance companies may not take your injuries into account or try to minimize their liability. Employing an attorney can significantly enhance your chances of obtaining full justice. Attorneys can help evaluate your potential long-term care needs, losses related to wages or work time, and other losses you may not have considered, such as those pertaining to your spouse.

I Have A Bad Driving Record. Will That Hurt My California Car Accident Claim?

Your past driving record is irrelevant to the accident that caused your injuries. Insurance companies might attempt to use this against you, but such strategies prove futile when you're represented by a competent attorney.

If I Wasn't Wearing A Seatbelt And Was Injured In A Car Accident Caused By Another Driver In California, Will This Hurt My Chances Of Financial Recovery?

If you were not wearing a seatbelt during the accident, an insurance company or a jury might reduce the total value of your damages. Nonetheless, you're entitled to justice if you were not at fault, and experienced personal injury attorneys understand how to present this in a way that minimizes the potential impact of not wearing a seatbelt. For more information on Filing An Auto-Accident Injury Claim in CA, an initial consultation is your next best step.

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