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  • By: Moss Bollinger
  • Published: January 30, 2018
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You are probably aware that DeVry reached a $100 Million settlement with the FTC last year because of their deceptive ads. In fact, you may have already received a portion of the $49.5 million that went to students who were harmed, or part of the $50.6 million allotted for debt relief and fee reimbursement. But did you know that even if you received FTC settlement money, you may still be entitled to additional money from DeVry?

California Consumer Protection Laws

You read that correctly. The reason that you may be owed money beyond the FTC settlement is this: (1) the FTC lawsuit was based on Federal laws; and (2) DeVry’s settlement with the federal government did not relieve the company of liability under the laws of California. In fact, the State of California has very strong consumer protection laws, including:

  • Consumers Legal Remedies Act (CLRA). The intent of the CLRA is “to protect consumers against unfair and deceptive business practices and to provide efficient and economical procedures to secure such protection.” When a consumer relies upon one of the “misrepresentations” listed in the CLRA, the business responsible may be liable for various damages and attorneys fees.
  • Unfair Competition Law (UCL). This is one of the original unfair competition laws and had its’ conceptual origins as early as 1872. The UCL encompasses a very wide range of business related misconduct and is heavilyA judge's gavel and money on a wooden table- Moss Bollinger LLP litigated. In addition, it tracks the Federal FTC Act. What this means is that if a claim can be proven against a company under the FTC act, and that company is operating in California, there is a strong likelihood that a state UCL claim can be made against that company as well.
  • False Advertising Law (FAL). This series of statutes, also in the Business and Professions code, addresses false or misleading advertising by businesses. The FAL is more limited in its’ application and therefore might not apply in all the same situations as the UCL or the CLRA. However, the FAL is a significant tool against false advertising in that it imposes both civil AND criminal penalties. Meaning, jail time if the deceptive advertising can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt!

DeVry May Owe You More Money

Again, even if you have already applied for, or received, money from the DeVry settlement with the FTC, you may be entitled to additional money. Moss Bollinger has been actively investigating DeVry claims and can determine whether you qualify for additional relief. We collect no up front fees and do not get paid until you get paid. Call us today at (310) 982-2291 for a free consultation or reach us online.

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