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  • By: Moss Bollinger
  • Published: November 1, 2022
A dash camera mounted on the windshield of a car - Moss Bollinger LLP

Dashboard cameras (sometimes called dash cams) are legal in California. The dash cam is also becoming more and more common. One benefit of using a dashcam is that it could help determine liability if you are in a car accident.

Can Dashcam Footage Be Introduced As Evidence For A Car Accident Case?

Dashcam evidence can often be used as evidence in California car accident cases. Having dashcam footage can help you prove the other party involved in the accident was liable and that you are not responsible for the car accident.

How Does A Car Accident Case Work In California?

As an at-fault state, California holds the person responsible for the accident liable. The individual liable for the accident must pay for the losses incurred by the other party. Losses may include property damage, medical bills, etc. So, it’s essential that the parties involved in the accident present as much evidence as possible to determine liability.

Will Dashcam Footage Help Your California Car Accident Claim?

Dash cam footage is generally admissible in California courts, and presenting clear footage of an incident can be extremely helpful in determining the facts. If the dashcam footage presented as evidence shows the facts in your favor, it could help persuade the defendant in the case to offer a fair settlement to resolve the car accident claim. However, in some cases, the defendant may refuse to offer a reasonable settlement even with clear dashcam footage presented as evidence. If the defendant refuses to offer a fair car accident settlement in your case, your experienced California car accident attorney can present the dashcam evidence in court to help persuade the jury of the facts and increase the odds that the jury will rule in your favor.

What Type Of Dashcam Footage Is Helpful In A Car Accident Case?

In some cases, dashcam footage may not be helpful. Whether or not the footage will aid you in your claim depends on 1) the details of the incident and 2) what is visible in the footage. For example, if the dashcam footage shows that you rolled through a stop sign or committed another traffic violation, it will help prove you are partially liable for the accident. If the dashcam is forward facing and you are filing a car accident claim after being rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light, there may not be any helpful information to pull from the footage. As you can see, whether or not dashcam footage will help you succeed in your California car accident claim depends on various factors. If you aren’t sure how to support your California car accident claim, reach out to an experienced attorney for advice as soon as possible.

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