Never Allow an Insurer to Undermine Your Insurance Policy

Person Signing Paper

Insurance plays a crucial role in the lives of many people. They purchase insurance policies to protect themselves and their families from events that could happen — but hopefully won’t. It is meant as a contingency. It is meant to make people feel safe in light of tragedy. It is meant to protect people.

So when insurance companies act in bad faith or go out of their way to mitigate their liability under the terms of an insurance policy, the individuals or families affected will feel as though the literal reason for their insurance (or even insurance in general) has been stripped away. This isn’t right. In fact, it’s unacceptable and illegal for insurance companies to renege on their responsibilities and promises.

As obvious as it may seem when an insurance company acts in bad faith, sometimes it can be difficult to tell. Insurance representatives will sound very confident when they talk to you about why they can’t cover this or that. They will seem legitimate in their reasoning. However, if they are violating the terms of your policy or they are misconstruing the facts of the situation, then you should consult with an attorney to hold them responsible for their brazen attempt to undermine your insurance.

At Moss and Bollinger, we have represented clients for a decade during bad faith insurance lawsuits. We can help you file your lawsuit and then represent you throughout the legal process — an often anxious and complicated affair without representation — to ensure you are protected.

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