DeVry FTC Refunds Begin to Issue

If you were a DeVry student in the last decade, you are probably already aware that DeVry engaged in a years-long practice of advertising promises that it could not keep. In fact, DeVry agreed last year to pay $100 million to settle a lawsuit filed by the Federal Trade Commission. It also agreed to stop its practice of advertising the false statistics that 90% of its graduates found jobs within six months of graduation and that DeVry graduates were paid higher than other graduates.

FTC Refunds

Of the $100 million settlement, $49.4 million has been allocated to provide refunds back to eligible students. In some good news for former DeVry students, the FTC has just announced that portions of these refunds are scheduled to be issued by the end of the summer. To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You were enrolled at DeVry between January 2008 and October 2015;
  2. You spent at least $5000 in cash, student loans, or military benefits;
  3. You did not receive student debt forgiveness as part of the FTC settlement; and
  4. You completed at least one class at DeVry.

According to the FTC’s refund information website, former students who meet this criteria are eligible for a fixed percentage of what they actually spent in cash, student loans, or military benefits. In addition, former students who may be eligible should receive notice from the FTC, based on the records provided by DeVry, of their right to apply for the refund.

DeVry May Owe You More

Even if you are eligible for a refund or debt forgiveness as part of the FTC lawsuit, and have accepted the settlement, that does not necessarily end DeVry’s obligation to you. If you are a California resident who has attended DeVry in the last ten years, DeVry may owe you more money. Under California’s consumer protection laws-which are entirely separate from the Federal lawsuit-DeVry may be liable for additional damages based on false advertising or deceptive practices that harmed students. Our office has been actively settling these cases on behalf of former DeVry students in California.

Call Moss Bollinger

If you were a DeVry student in the last ten years, contact us today so we can evaluate whether you qualify for additional damages. Moss Bollinger has been actively helping students reach settlements with DeVry and may be able to help you too. We collect no money up front and do not get paid unless you do. Call Moss Bollinger today at (866) 535-2994 for a free consultation or reach us online.

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