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Retirement Plan Malfeasance
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For-Profit College Scams And Consumer Rights
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Employee Rights
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How Can You Defend Yourself Against A Large Company?

Individuals often suffer abuse at the hands of large institutions. An employer denies basic legal rights to its employees. An insurance company withholds its clients' claims. A university defrauds its students of their tuition. It can seem as if the institutions we rely on the most are the ones most likely to take advantage of us.

What can be done? Seeking restitution is a major struggle. It is extremely difficult, as an individual, to win damages from a company with vast legal and financial resources.

Attorneys Focused On Protecting Californians

Since 2008, the attorneys at Moss Bollinger LLP have made it their mission to serve residents throughout California. We help our clients take on the institutions that have wronged them. Our areas of service include:

Employee rights

Protecting against employer violations of wage and hour laws.

Consumer fraud

Prosecuting organizations that falsely lead their customers to purchase goods and services.

Retirement fraud

Exposing and litigating against retirement plan providers that deny and underpay benefits.

Other Services

Aggressive Legal Representation For Californians Who Have Been Exploited By Large Institutions.

The laws governing these matters are complex. Our lawyers will help you navigate them. We will fight aggressively to protect your rights and win restitution. We will fight to restore fairness.

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