Your Wage and Overtime Rights in California

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California laws are some of the most employee-friendly laws in the country, affording California employees strong rights and protections from abusive employers. One of the areas of law that affect the most employees are laws regarding wages and overtime. These laws are historic and establish the basic and fundamental rights of the California workforce when it comes to pay and hours.

These rights include:

  • Right to minimum wages. There is a federal minimum wage, a state minimum wage, and some local governments establish minimum wages for their areas. Under state and federal law, employees are entitled to the highest minimum wage available in a geographic area. Without a minimum wage, employers could simply collude to pay employees next to nothing.
  • Right to overtime pay. Employees who work over eight hours a day or forty hours in a workweek are entitled to 1.5 times their regular rate of pay for overtime work. In addition, any time beyond 12 hours in a workday entitle an employee to 2 times their regular rate of pay. Overtime pay compensates employees for working long hours, and also provides a deterrent to employers who want to push their employees past their limits.
  • Right to rest breaks. Employees are essentially allowed to take a half hour meal break for every five hours worked in a workday. Further, employees must be permitted a ten minute rest break for every four hours worked in a workday.
  • Right to accurate time keeping. Employers are mandated to pay you for every hour you work. Unfortunately, employers play fast and loose with the law and often compel employees to do work “off the clock”. This is unlawful and deprives you of your wages, breaks, and of accurate overtime compensation.

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You Need an Attorney

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