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Los Angeles Retirement Plan Fraud Lawyer

Retirement Plan Fraud

Individuals work hard to provide for their retirements. They make steady contributions to 401(k)s, IRAs and other investment instruments, and also pay into programs supporting Social Security and ERISA claims.

As such, when workers are prevented from accessing their rightful funds after retiring, the experience is frustrating and dire. Unfortunately, more and more Californians find themselves victims of retirement plan fraud — the life they planned and saved for taken from them unfairly.

We can help. Since 2008, the attorneys at Moss Bollinger LLP have assisted individuals and their families who have been cheated out of their retirement funds. Whether a fraud was undertaken by an employer, by a retirement fund program manager or by an independent actor, we can leverage the legal system to pursue justice. Likewise, our lawyers offer assistance to individuals who have been denied the Social Security and ERISA benefits they need to get by.

How Fraud Happens

Workers often leave their retirement funds in the control of other parties. Those parties, in turn, are required by law to act in the workers’ best interests. Unfortunately, this is not always how things work out.

Employers often dip, in small but steady increments, from their employees’ retirement accounts. Policy managers — the firms that manage a worker’s account — may likewise be unscrupulous, failing to carry out due diligence and making unnecessarily risky investments. In addition, money managers may leave workers’ investments and pension funds vulnerable to cyber attacks and identity theft schemes, and thus fail to provide adequate safeguards.

What About Medical Benefits?

Just as workers pay into retirement programs, they make contributions to insurance programs — both private and public — throughout the courses of their careers. These payments are meant to provide medical benefits and compensation for lost wages in the event that one becomes too ill or injured to work.

Frequently, though, individuals are unable to obtain these benefits when they need to. Specifically, their claims for Social Security Disability or ERISA support are denied. This is largely because program adjudicators are skeptical of claimants and fearful of fraud. However, what this means is that many in need of help are prevented from getting it.

How We Help

Our lawyers know how to fight back. We are unafraid to go up against employers, insurance companies and government entities in our pursuit of justice for our clients. We have experience negotiating favorable resolutions for those we represent, and whenever necessary will go to trial to protect our clients’ interests.

<p”>To learn more about our services, reach out to our firm. You can call us at 800-249-1175 or reach us online. Initial consultations are always free, enabling us to assess your circumstances and inform you of your options before you’re obliged to retain us.


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