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Bad Faith Insurance Attorney Los Angeles

Is Your Insurer Acting In Bad Faith?

Individuals sign up for insurance coverage to protect themselves and their families against unforeseen tragedy. A good policy can help offset costs stemming from an illness or an injury, or losses incurred if an individual’s home has been damaged or robbed.

Too often, however, residents of California find they need protection from the insurance companies themselves. When an individual falls victim to an accident or injury, it has become commonplace for insurers to act in bad faith. They mislead their clients. They delay settling a claim. They pay less than a policy mandates, and in some cases fail to make any payment at all. They deny property damage claims even when liability is clear. As a result, individuals find themselves more vulnerable than if they had never taken a policy in the first place.

We can help.

Aggressive Protection From Insurance Companies

We have represented Californians with insurance bad faith claims since 2008. We understand the strategies insurance companies use to deceive their claimants, and know how to expose them. We will fight on your behalf.

The California Insurance Code defines the following as deceptive and unfair acts, which may qualify as actionable bad faith:

  • Failing to settle in a fair and timely manner claims in which liability is clear
  • Misrepresenting key facts and provisions that relate to an individual’s policy
  • Failing to acknowledge a claim in a timely manner
  • Attempting to settle a claim for an amount less than that set out in the policy
  • Misleading an individual about the applicable statute of limitations for a claim
  • Altering someone’s application for coverage without that person’s knowledge
  • Advising claimants against hiring a lawyer

Insurance companies are supposed to protect you. The attorneys at Moss Bollinger will help you hold them accountable when they act in bad faith.

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