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Protection Against Violations In The Workplace

Federal and state statutes have established clear regulations with regard to labor law. Yet employers dismiss these regulations often. They withhold rightful payment from employees, allow workplace abuses to proliferate, and retaliate when workers complain. Yet all of these actions, and others like them, are illegal.

The lawyers at Moss Bollinger LLP can assist. Since 2008, we have represented workers in a wide range of employment law matters. Our aim is to ensure that employees are provided the safe working environments to which they’re entitled, and given fair compensation for their work. With offices in Sherman Oaks and Oakland, we serve clients throughout California.

Legal Support For All Types Of Workplace Violations

Our attorneys can help you fight against an array of workplace abuses including:

  • Violations of wage and hour laws — When employers fail to comply with standards concerning minimum wage, inadequate record-keeping and more
  • Violations of rest periods, meal periods and vacation — Abuses that arise when employers disallow their workers break periods mandated by the law
  • Misclassification of employee status — Conflicts stemming from employers’ wrongfully exempting workers from overtime pay
  • Mishandling of retirement accounts — When an employer has been negligent or engaged in fraud while handling your retirement account or pension

Employees have rights. We will make certain those rights are recognized.

Begin Asserting Your Rights Today

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