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Consumer Fraud & For-Profit College Scams

The rights of consumers are violated frequently. Businesses both large and small — as well as academic institutions — take advantage of the very individuals they claim to serve. In many cases this abuse is deliberate. Businesses offer defective goods and services. They impose excessive charges and hidden fees on consumers. They do not deliver on their promises.

We are here to hold institutions accountable for their actions. In California, a number of laws are in place that safeguard consumer rights. Nevertheless, victims often feel they have nowhere to turn.

This is why we have dedicated our practice as attorneys to protecting individuals from consumer fraud. Serving clients throughout the state, we offer aggressive representation for those who have been exploited. Our practice includes representation for individuals in qui tam — also known as “whistleblower” — cases, as well as litigation against for-profit college scams.

DeVry Fraud Claims

Our firm has developed a core competency in assisting victims of DeVry University fraud cases. The Federal Trade Commission has filed a complaint alleging that DeVry University lied to students and potential students about the rates of employment of DeVry graduates and wages earned by DeVry alumni.

Moss Bollinger LLP is investigating claims against DeVry. We believe that you may be entitled to more than just restitution, but additional monetary damages. If you attended DeVry in the last five years and believe you may have been victimized, reach out to our firm.

Take A Stand

Contact our law firm today. We work on a contingency basis and offer free consultations to ensure you have nothing to lose by standing up to big business. We have offices in Los Angeles and Oakland. Interpretation services available. Call 800-249-1175 to learn more.


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