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Preparing to meet with your attorney

Preparing to Meet with Your Attorney.jpgHave you scheduled an initial consultation with an attorney? You are probably feeling some combination of nervous, anxious, and excited. You called an attorney for a reason and believe he or she can help resolve your legal issue. However, you don't really know what to expect as television and movies have created some pre-conceived idea of what attorneys are like. Let me give you your first free piece of advice: you can relax.

For-profit college accrediting group wins historic ruling

For-Profit College Accrediting Group Wins Historic Ruling.jpgThe Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is a government agency tasked with protecting consumers in matters related to misconduct by businesses in the financial sector. This generally means unlawful acts involving mortgage loans, credit cards, retirement and insurance policies, and student loans. Among the powers of the CFPB is to issue broad administrative subpoenas during its investigations.

Predatory lending claims against big banks are back before courts

A dispute over a two-year statute of limitations brought the city of Los Angeles before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals this week. The city has accused Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Chase Bank of making discriminatory loans against Latino and African-American borrowers in the city. The loans those borrowers were offered were more expensive than loans offered to similarly-situated white people, and those more expensive loans, in turn, ended up in more foreclosures.


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