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Do I Qualify for Unemployment Benefits?

Do I Qualify for Unemployment Benefits.jpgUnemployment is terrible. We all want to work, but the prospect of losing our jobs is terrifying. This is because we all have bills to pay and mouths to feed. If you lose your job, one of the first questions that must come to mind is how you are going to make ends meet. Fortunately for some, unemployment insurance benefits may be available to brace some of the financial impact of unemployment.

California's Employment Development Department (EDD) is responsible for determining eligibility and administering unemployment insurance (UI) benefits for qualified individuals who are out of work. To qualify, the following must apply:

· You must have been employed and earned a minimum of $1,300 in the highest quarter of your "base period" or at least $900 in you highest base period and at least 1.25 times this amount during your entire base period. Your base period is either the first four of your last five working quarters of a year prior to your unemployment application. If this does not apply, then you may be eligible based on the last four completed calendar quarters.

· You must be currently unemployed. If you are partially employed, you may still qualify. In addition, self-employment does not count as employment for purposes of unemployment.

· You must be unemployed "through no fault of your own". This means that you are generally ineligible if you quit your job or are fired for some sort of misconduct. If you have "good cause" to leave, however, you may still be considered subject to additional scrutiny.

· You must be physically able, ready to work, and willing to immediately work. This is important, as the benefit is not designed or intended to enable people to avoid work.

· Further, you must be actively seeking employment, and must be searching on a weekly basis. The EDD are sticklers when it comes to a beneficiary's efforts to seek further employment.

People approved by the EDD to receive benefits may receive between $50 to $450 per week, based upon their earnings during their base period. A claim can last for a year, during which a beneficiary can receive between 12-26 weeks of benefits at the maximum amount.

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