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January 2017 Archives

Medical company from tech industry under fire

There was a time when the Palo Alto-based medical startup company Theranos was highly valued and praised. The company lobbied hard in Arizona and was able to open up a laboratory in Scottsdale, get their blood-testing service into 40 Walgreens locations and then got lawmakers to pass a bill that would allow customers to use their blood-testing service without getting approval from a doctor.

What you should know about bad faith insurance

When you purchase medical, vehicle, life or home insurance, you are buying financial protection in the case that something unexpected should occur. As part of your premium payments, the insurance company agrees to provide financial coverage if a situation arises that falls under the plans policy. In some cases, however, insurance companies may not hold up to their end of the bargain and could try to avoid paying their share of the insurance coverage when you file a claim.

New minimum wage rates in California are among highest in U.S.

As of January 1, 29 states and the District of Columbia enacted minimum wage requirements that surpass the federal rate of $7.25 per hour. This includes California, which is the 3rd highest minimum wage rate in the country, with a minimum of $10 per hour for employers with fewer than 26 employees and $10.50 per hour for employers with 26 or more.

If the credit agencies mislead consumers, do we need a new score?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has made a blockbuster announcement: It has charged Equifax and TransUnion, two of the three major credit reporting agencies, with violations of the Dodd-Frank and Fair Credit Reporting Acts and ordered them to pay over $23 million in fines and consumer restitution.

In a gig economy, proper employment classification is crucial

Today's workplace looks very different than the workplaces we were used to seeing 10 or even just five years ago. Increasingly, workers are freeing themselves from the confines of traditional office settings and 9-to-5 workdays. This has contributed to the growth of what is being referred to as the "gig economy."

DeVry to pay misled students $49.4M, forgive $50.6M in loans

The Federal Trade Commission has negotiated a settlement in its deceptive advertising lawsuit against DeVry University. Previously, two separate groups of former DeVry students had sued the university over inflated graduate employment claims, but both suits have already been settled.


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