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December 2016 Archives

5 tactics for dealing with insurance claims adjusters

While you want to believe that the insurance company is on your side, this is not always the case. Insurance companies hire claims adjusters to give you the claim that best fits their needs. They are trained to look at evidence and determine ways to lower your compensation. Some strategies that an adjuster might use against you to devalue or deny your claim are:

Employers are required to offer meal and rest breaks

Employees are humans, not machines. They need breaks to rest and eat during their long days at work. Employers are required by law to offer a certain number of breaks based on the employees' hours. Here are the breaks that should be offered to you:

On life insurance and bad faith tactics

There are many different forms of insurance that you can buy as an individual, and within these different types are myriad options for the policies themselves. Life insurance is one type of insurance, and it also has myriad options -- such as term life insurance, universal life insurance and variable life insurance.

Insurance company deemed to have breached contract

A condominium complex had damage to its exterior, so the homeowners association in charge of the complex hired a construction firm, Saarman Construction, to repair the complex. Water damage was a major reason for the construction project. But about four years after the project was complete, water damage was visible at the complex, and one of the tenants sued the homeowners association and the construction firm. The homeowners association also sued Saarman Construction.

Unpaid wages are unacceptable: Hold companies accountable

Employees are granted many rights when they are hired by a company. It may feel as though your employer is this monolithic behemoth that has all of the power in the employment relationship, but this simply isn't true. They have many rules, laws and regulations that they must follow, and they can't treat you unfairly just because they are a big player in the industry.


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