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October 2016 Archives

U.S. makes arrests in multimillion dollar IRS call scams

Odds are either you or someone you know has received an IRS scam phone call recently. Callers impersonating the IRS claim that the receiver of the call owes in back taxes, and demands immediate repayment. Many people fell victim to this scam, and approximately 15,000 people to date have been cheated out of a total of $300 million.

FTC dings tech companies for fake pop up warning ads

The Federal Trade Commission has charged several tech support companies with fraudulently using pop up warnings as ads to scare thousands of people into purchasing unnecessary services. The defendants, who collectively have operated under the name Global Access Technical Support, were ordered by a federal court to stop all business operations and all their assets have been frozen.

How can Wells Fargo regain the trust of California consumers?

With more than 5,000 employees let go and $185 million levied against them in fines, Wells Fargo is facing a dilemma. After it was revealed that the San Francisco-based bank fraudulently established more than 2 million customer accounts - and, in many cases, charged customers maintenance fees for those accounts - the public has lost faith in the institution.

Insurance co. must defend policyholder in porn defamation suit

Last week, a federal judge in Delaware ruled that Liberty Mutual insurance company is obligated to defend one of their policyholders in a lawsuit. Magda Korn, ex-wife of former Korn band member and aspiring politician Richard Korn, faces charges filed by her ex-husband for defamation and negligence.


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